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7 Ways to Be More Creative

Ways to Be More Creative… There are periods when it is not possible to find a new fresh solution. We think about the task, we scroll through the head of the options, but nothing sensible comes to mind.

In this article I will tell you about the actions, the implementation of which will help to overcome a difficult stage. Some of the advice was drawn from the book “100 major new design principles”. I like that these simple ways to “include” creative thinking have a scientific justification. Even if you are OK with generating interesting ideas and solutions, most of these actions will at least slightly improve your life.

1. Formulate the problem and forget about it

The process of creativity begins with the formulation of the task. We formulate the problem, which means that the neural network of executive attention control is activated, which helps to concentrate. That she prompted the solution, you need to correctly understand, formulate and set the task. Look at the problem from different angles, do not be content with the first formulation that came to mind.

At the next stage, after correctly setting the task, it is necessary to activate the neural network of the basic mode, enter the state of internal focusing and modeling. This happens when we do not think about anything concrete. Take a walk, do household tasks, just get distracted. This is important, since the basic mode network is not activated simultaneously with the network of executive attention control.

So concentrate and formulate the task correctly, and then relax and get distracted.

2. Dream

Creativity increases if there is time to dream. The basic mode network works at the moment when we dream. So, more often there are insights about the most diverse things, about which you pondered before.

But there is one thing. American psychologist and psychoanalyst Jerome L. Singer investigated how people dream, and divided dreams into groups: positive and constructive, dysphoric, weak control of attention. Creativity is enhanced only by positive and constructive dreams, which are creative reflections. Dysphoric dreams (associated with a sense of guilt) and weak management of attention will not bring you anything useful.

So dream more.

3. Sleep

Head of the department of medicine sleep at the main hospital in Massachusetts, Jeffrey Ellenbogen, said that creativity can be increased by 33% percent with sleep. I will not say that the skeptic does not wake up at me when I see such a figure, but I’m sure that sleep affects our productivity, activity and thinking.

During the “fast sleep” phase, everything that happened during the day is reviewed and remembered, the information is sorted. It helps to find connections between old and new memories.

Also important is the relationship between the neural network of executive attention control and sleep. Therefore, it is also useful to formulate the problem before going to sleep, but do not scroll it again and again, which simply will not let you fall asleep.

Therefore, it is better to sleep than sit on the task until the morning.

4. Meditate

Meditation and awareness practice have a positive effect on creative thinking. Scientists have long said that regular meditations change the human brain. By practicing mindfulness, you activate the same basic mode network more often. So, “enlightenment” happens more often and new solutions to the problem come to mind.

Find time for at least a little meditation. Do the usual things not on autopilot, but consciously, being in a particular moment.

5. Listen to music or work in a noisy place
Noise and music increase your creativity. The optimal level of noise corresponds to the situation of a not very quiet cafe. Abstract thinking improves with increasing noise, but when it gets too loud, distracting factors appear that negate the positive effect. But your favorite music activates the network of the basic mode, which also has a beneficial effect on creativity.

Often work in a cafe and enjoy your favorite music.

6. Put restrictions

A small number of restrictions do not give a complete picture of the task or product. Insufficient data prevents the launch of the network of executive attention control. In the book “How to solve UX-problems in a situation of ignorance and self-deception” it is said that “… only very strong specialists can draw from a clean sheet”.

If there are not enough restrictions from the customer, put them yourself =)

7. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Try to accept that the first idea that came to your mind after formulating the problem is usually not the best. Sometimes you have to get rid of all the developments, but only so you can find a good solution. Failures are an important part of the creative process, you do not need to be afraid of them.

Discuss decisions with everyone you can turn to. Let them point out mistakes, tell what they want to see. This does not mean that you need to thinklessly correct the places you indicated. Just think and analyze whether this will help in solving the problem.

Try to find mistakes and correct them.

It’s great if you already do some of these things. But try to choose at least one more item from the list and make it a habit. And when you begin to perform regularly, proceed to the next.

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