Why am I getting errors when opening .zip files?

There are several reasons why you may be shown errors when trying to open a .zip file. The most common reason is that the file has become corrupted due to incomplete download.

Each of our templates are fully layered, high resolution & print-ready Photoshop PSD files. This means they are very large documents and therefore the downloadable .zip can be in excess of 100mb.

Depending on your internet connection, some templates may take a few minutes to download. If during download there is an interruption in your connection, the .zip file may fail to download fully and therefore become corrupted.

How to fix .zip errors

  1. Delete the .zip you’re receiving errors with
  2. Clear your web browser’s cache of stored files
  3. Minimise internet activity to ensure as strong a connection as possible
  4. Re-download your templates one at once

If you continue to see errors when trying to open the .zip files, ensure the file size of the .zip you have downloaded matches the file size listed in “File Details” section. The File Details section can be found in the sidebar of each template page.

How many PSD Templates can I download per day if I buy a yearly or a monthly membership?

Our answer is UNLIMITED number. You can download the whole base of our PSD Templates in one day if you want.

I got an error message when trying to make a payment by using credit card. What should I do?

This error can occur because your card provider declines the transaction for some reasons. Please contact your bank and ask them to flag your orders from source PSDmarket as OK.

Can I use PSDmarket for my client?

Yes, you can use or psd templates for your clients. Don’t waste your time and use our psd templates.

What kind of files can I download?

You can download any of our Templates in PSD that all are ready for printing and also they are easily customized. If you have Photoshop it will be easy for you to add the text and some pictures there or change those that are already present. Then it will be easy to send the file to the printing house or to the printer.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or with our products we will return you money. You should just send us a letter and we will return your purchase at this moment. Our aim is to create happy and prosperous community. We don’t want you to be discontented if you are not delighted of our product.