Valentines Day Dance Template


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Valentines Day dance script

Valentines Day Dance is considered a holiday for two lovers. But try to be original and celebrate it with friends. Naturally, it is better to invite already established couples or an even number of men and women to such a holiday.

Prepare in advance:

– treats, for example, for a buffet table: sandwiches, snacks, fruits and drinks;
– prizes;
– music;
– props for competitions.

Valentines Day Dance Evening Scenario:
Competitions for the best dancing couple.
Valentines Dance competitions.
Competitions on the verge of decency.

1. The beginning of the valentines dance evening

of Valentines Day with a short buffet table. Offer your guests delicious snacks and some alcohol. Let those who wish make a few toasts.

When the guests are getting to know each other and are relaxing, turn up the music and invite everyone to dance.

2. Competitions for the best dancing couple

After the aperitif, contests for the best dancing couple can be announced.

Balloon competition
Players are divided into pairs.

A balloon is tied to the partner’s leg. The partner’s task is to save his partner’s ball and burst other people’s balls with their feet.

All of this must be done by the couples holding hands and dancing.

The last couple to keep the ball wins the prize.

You can complicate the game by setting the condition that the dance must match the sounding music. In this case, the music can be changed all the time.

Newspaper dance competition
This is a very old competition. Each dancing couple is given a newspaper. It is necessary to dance so that none of the partners step on the floor outside the newspaper.

When the music stops, the newspaper folds in half and the dance continues.

Music changes all the time sometimes fast, sometimes slow compositions.

If any of the partners left the newspaper during the dance, the couple is eliminated from the competition.

The last pair remaining in the game receives a prize.

Unique Valentine Day Dance competition
Participants dance in pairs to music that is constantly changing.

The spectators evaluate the dancers and choose the best couples, who will be awarded the victory in the competition.

3. Gifts for Valentines Day

Take a short break between the dances and give everyone a gift. These can be small useful things, souvenirs or sweets.

To make it more fun, play gifts. Let the guests guess from the prompts what exactly is packed. Whoever guesses, he takes the gift. Give candies as prizes to the participants who guess correctly.

Gifts and their description:
Life will be sweeter with him. (Pack of sugar)
Something sticky. (Chewing gum)
The pig is running, the back is stuck. (Thimble)
Small that can get big. (Balloon)
A subject for those who want to leave their mark. (Permanent marker)
Cold, pink, long (Bottle of red champagne)
From under the roof the roof came out in the rain. (Umbrella)
An integral attribute of civilized life. (Roll of toilet paper)
She is not very good in appearance and looks a little like a hedgehog. (Toothbrush)
Short-lived joy. (Box of chocolates)
A simulator for those who want to learn how to put a good face on a bad game. (Lemon)
I sit astride, I do not know who. (Cap)
Gift from Africa. (Pineapple or coconut)

4. Valentines Day Dance games

Dancing games do not interfere with dances, but on the contrary, help the notorious guests to feel more free. But there shouldn’t be too many of them. There are only four dance games in this scenario, which is enough for two hours of dancing.
Dance game Caterpillar
Participants join hands and move along the hall with side steps.
When many participants join the caterpillar, the “caterpillar head” (the first person in the chain) begins to spin the chain in a spiral.
As a result, the caterpillar folds into rings. It is impossible to get out of the center of the spiral without unhooking your hands.
The game ends when it becomes impossible to continue moving.

Dance Game Matches

A matchbox is tied to each participant’s belt with a thread so that it lies on the floor.
Everyone dances to fast music, trying to step on rivals’ boxes and defend their own. The participant who breaks the thread with the box is eliminated from the game.
Participants who have saved their boxes by the end of the dance become the winners.

Valentines Day Dance game Natural selection

Participants stand in a circle and dance. As they dance, they pass an orange, a tennis ball, or a small balloon to each other.
The participant who has an object in his hands when the music stops, drops out of the circle. And so over and over again.
At first, the music pauses are made longer, then the intervals between turning off the music are reduced.
The last participant remaining in the circle receives a prize.
Dance game Do as I do
All participants stand in a circle. The dancers take turns going to the center of the circle and show various movements that the other participants repeat.

5. Competitions on the verge of decency

Closer to the end of the evening, when sober guests are only one
people and everyone feel relaxed, you can offer several piquant contests.
However, despite the loyalty of the public, try to choose entertainment that will not cause embarrassment or negative emotions in anyone, especially among the victims of competitions.
As compensation for moral damage, you can take care of valuable gifts for the winners of competitions.
Strip competition
The most daring guests are invited to participate in the competition. A chair is placed in front of each. The presenter invites them to take off any part of their clothes at the same time to music.
A participant who, for whatever reason, refuses to take off another piece of clothing, is eliminated from the competition.
The last participant receives a prize.
Contest for the power of persuasion
The presenter calls five to seven volunteers and instructs them to bring certain items. For example, it can be a piece of clothing, jewelry and cosmetics, or a thing whose name begins with a specific letter.
The one who completes the task the fastest gets a prize.
The task of the participants is not only to find these items, but also to persuade their owner to part with them for a while.
Competition for men
Only men participate in this competition. Each of them receives a water bottle and a glass.
The task of the participants is to hold a bottle between their legs, without using their hands to fill a glass that is on the floor.
The one who copes with this faster and more accurately than others wins the competition.
Accuracy Contest
Two or three glass jars and coins are required to play. You should not expect that the participants will find a trifle themselves, it is better to prepare it in advance.
Two or three teams are formed from those wishing to take part in the competition. Each team receives a glass jar and the same number of coins (at least three for each participant).
The start line is marked at a distance of 5 m from the cans.
The task of the participants is to squeeze a coin between their thighs, reach, or rather jump, to their bank and, without using their hands, lower the coin into the bank.
When all teams run out of coins, they are counted. Whoever has the most coins in the bank, that team wins.
Make sure to take breaks throughout the party so guests can relax, chat or go out for a smoke.


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